8th March 2019

Hi There,


I trust this short announcement finds you in high spirits and positive energy!


The year 2018 slipped away so fast but I hope you had a great Festive Season and you and your family enjoyed the time together.


Well 2018 did not produce too much for us on the financial end of things (besides loads of documentation and preparation work on our side), but 2019 sure holds the key to the transformation of our financial success... the light is now truly been seen at the end of the tunnel; it was and still is a work in progress that is about to bring our rewards to realization – now that is awesome news!


I cannot say too much today as I am locked into high-end NDA’s etc on certain investments, but rest assured we have done our utmost best so far and now simply waiting for the other investments we have to materialize and produce the gateway to our payout/green light message. When this happens you will get an announcement with instructions/stipulation as to what we require from you in terms of updated information to facilitate a smooth payment process that complies to and with international regulatory laws. This process will be done through a new DOI gateway which we are ready for.


2019 is the year!


Time frame? Well, that is out of our hands at the moment but know we are now the closest we have ever been.


So this short message is only to touch base, give you encouragement and peace of mind that we are still here; we are still thrashing away and working towards our original intent when we first started.


Sure, it has been a long and hard road traveled for us and for you over the years, but it will pay off... patience is a virtue and a lesson hard learned.


I will endeavor to update you all as we progress on our side. Expect the next update once we have fresh news.


I thank my management team for working long hours with unsurpassed loyalty, undivided attention, enthusiasm, and dedication.


I thank you for your patience, trust, and support.


Love to you all from my family to yours... we are almost there.


Kind regards,




September 2018

Hi There 

It has been a while since my last update, so I trust this message finds you in good health and high spirits.  First up, I need to apologize that I pulled the trigger too soon back in December. I was informed things were moving to payment and consequently wanted to let the members know that good news was coming.  That backfired on me big time, as I am still going through the payment process today.  I know this has brought a lot of frustration to many members and I am truly sorry.  Next time I will make sure the funds are in my bank to pay you before I message the members. 


I wanted to let you know that we are still here holding the fort... many thanks to the Management Team for all your hard work and efforts which I believe will pay off very soon! We keep our goals and intent intact as we certainly know that the time is drawing close to giving you the update that you have been waiting for all these years. 


I am sure you feel the way we do... “how much more patience do we need”? 


As days turned into weeks, months and years we still stand strong in knowing that there really is light at the end of the tunnel that seemingly is never-ending. 


In everything we do and have done daily is what makes the difference in “calling it over” or striving forward to the completion of what we originally set out to do. At the same time, we also respect your side of things and understand that you may be having a hard time in your personal life and/or a hard time believing we are going to pull through successfully. We are going to; as we have always maintained from the very first day we opened the doors to DOI. 


I trust that before you know it we will all be in a good place to reap the benefits of what we have worked for and waited for... I believe this.


Although share markets, property investments, currencies including cryptocurrencies have risen and fallen and some are very vulnerable, a great deal is actually happening of which we do not find appropriate to divulge at this moment. In time you will see and understand why we have held out this long and kept our heads high; just as you and your loved ones have done and still are doing. 


We will inform you as soon as we have reached a stage where we are able to give you the “Green Light” update. Sure, we will have things to do in order to successfully manage and perform all payouts. Yes, the old web interface has to be rebuilt as we get closer (we already have the plans for that in place), updated information from you will be required including fresh KYC documents as during this waiting period you may have changed basic things like physical address, email address, telephone numbers and perhaps even your ID’s have changed expiration dates.  

NOTE: Please, do not send us these documents at this time, we are not ready for them.


Do not worry about this as we will ensure we use the best, fastest and easiest way for you to achieve this ready for payout.  More on this coming soon.


Take this short message as something positive and believe it is all on its way now. May this message instil new motivation and hope in your week!


Until we have more concrete news and information, all the best in your daily life and keep pursuing your dreams and goals while caring and loving your family.


Kind Regards


Colin & the Management Team


December 2017

Hi There, 


I trust this short note finds you in good health and spirits during this Festive Season! 


Since the signing of the Tax Bill by President Trump a few days ago we have light at the end of the tunnel as to our investments outside of WEZ (WEZ not looking good at the moment). Some of our other investments are linked to Forex and secure. 


How long to realize (i.e. payment date) is a good question and one I cannot answer right now as I need to wait for Government and Bank confirmations - but it is all happening as we speak. All the work has been done already and as per you and me, we trust the sooner the better. 


The process is basically that we get paid and then we have to resurrect the DOI site - total rebuilding to make sure all of you can access it in real time to get your latest info in terms of bank payments and KYC. 


Our next move is to do the calculations on each member then log a payment register and PAY. Yes, your question will be "how long to the green light" - the simple answer is I do not know at this point in time until I have final confirmations - so that will be in the next update. 


We will be working on the short list of people in dire straits first then follow the pattern/process we have in place. 


When we post the next announcement please follow instructions to detail in order to expedite payment to you. 


Patience is a virtue I had to learn over many years and I understand that will be the same for you since the inception of DOI. 


I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year - I am sure it will be for all of us!!!


From my family to yours - love to all.


Kind regards 





June 2017


Hi There,


I trust this short update finds you and your family in good health and high spirits.


Just to let you know that we are still here, working and remaining focused on a positive outcome.


The good news is that we are getting closer as each day goes by.


We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel as the saying goes.


I trust you remain focussed on achieving your goals and realising your dreams.


As soon as we get more information on a time frame, I will let you know.


In the mean time, keep well, chin up and tackle your daily work and tasks with zest and a positive attitude.


All the best to you and your family.


Kind regards






October 2016

Hi There


I trust this brief message to touch base with you, finds you and your family in good health and a positive attitude towards all aspects of life.


Speaking of attitudes and life


It has been a tough and challenging year so far (perhaps for you too), but the only thing that keeps me going and focussed is maintaining a positive attitude towards life; however hard it sometimes may seem to be.


I actually use my morning coffee "solitude time" to motivate myself to make the best of my day and how I do it is to follow a certain quote.


This is the quote that inspired me a while ago:


"As you dream your dreams, set your goals, make your plans and take your steps of action, the future lightens up and starts following exactly what you are dreaming of and aiming for"

Author Unknown


So whilst having my morning coffee, I do my dreaming by thinking of all the things that are going to happen according to the goals I have set.


Note: I said "going to happen" NOT "may happen"


I visualise them and see them happening. I feel them happening. This is what motivates and inspires me each morning to get up and chase my goals - using every minute of my day in a balanced way.


Sure, sometimes it is hard to motivate ourselves, but it is fairly easy to Google motivational sites, subscribe to them and get periodic quotes emailed to you. So often the quotes I receive have been so appropriate for me at the time. They inspire me and also motivate me.


Try it - it certainly changed my attitude towards life!


Trust and Patience


These are probably the two biggest challenges in my personal life (and probably yours too)!


It is so easy to doubt oneself of the decisions we make each day - is it right or wrong?


Well, I believe there is no right or wrong and that one should trust the decision you make for whatever reason. Whichever one you make will be the correct one for you at the time of your life when you make it. It may just take you on another path, so let it be.


This is where patience steps in... make the decision, do it by taking action, trust and then be patient with the outcome.


Phew... Patience?


Easier said than done as they say. Sometimes it feels like forever to see the outcome/affect of that decision, but that does not mean you sit around doing nothing... get on with your life and make more decisions following the pattern - dream, set your goals, make your plans and take the relevant steps to get everything into action.


Personally, patience is a hard learnt lesson for me!


Enough of my life, what I do in my coffee time, my thought patterns etc, but perhaps all above is appropriate to you and is something you are doing and if not; try it as it does work!


Where are we standing with everything at the moment?



As you should be aware of, our server and software is outdated and that is why we have a "landing page" only at the moment. We periodically had to reset our owned server.


We have recently made all the back-up's of the old server and moved to a new shared server for the time being that simply hosts our domain and landing page. Data is secure.


The software is the main issue, as that is the delicate part and we need a platform that suits current applications, internet systems/apps/mobile phone abilities and can handle our future requirements.


But, thanks to the Management Team, we are almost there with the software/platform. So, when we are ready, things are clear in terms of payments and when the long awaited "green light" announcement happens, we can jump into action and get everything sorted - new server and new software.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.


Wesizwe Shares:

The shares are still hovering around ZAR 0.50 - that is about USD 0.07 at the current exchange rate.


Ouch, that hurts yes!


Here is their latest announcement (click on the link):




Well, reading this, it seems we have to exercise some more patience on this one - BUT - read below!


Other investments:

Not all our "eggs are in one basket" as they say...


As I have said before; we have other investments still out there that look much more promising, and will take away the feeling of "doom and gloom" you may feel you have.


I cannot disclose much on these as I am under strict international NDA's (non disclosure agreement's).


Basics are that some investments are in place and awaiting certain Governmental decisions to be made by the appropriate parties involved. No, I have no control of the time frame and expected dates; it is currently out of my hands.


Once all is done, we have a process to follow in order to extract our investments at a fairly good ROI.


The good news is that I am pretty certain this will eventually give us the "long awaited green light announcement" so that we are all in the clear... and that should make everyone very happy!


Unfortunately this is all I can say at present regarding these investments and this again is where trust and patience with DOI (and in me plus management) comes in. 





At the moment, all I can say is:


"Keep your chin up, trust, be patient and know we are still around and doing our best"


Take whatever you want out of this message, but whatever you do... never give up on life, your dreams, goals and aspirations; it is not worth giving them up.


Life continues to go and our daily experiences & decisions are part of our challenges - challenges that may be different for each individual, but you will find the strength and guidance to pull you through in whatever situation arises in your life.


You only need one more thing - BELIEF!


Believe in yourself and that through the actions and decisions of you, our management team and mine, that we will see this through as per our original intent - it always has been about these four words (no specific order):


"Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love" ... and the abundance of all four!


From my family to yours; have a great day and keep smiling with appreciation of what you currently have and what you are about to receive & achieve in all aspects of life.


Kindest Regards





January 2016

Hi There


With Christmas and the end of 2015 on our hands, I thought it apt to send out a short message to all our DOI Members.


Firstly I trust that this message finds you in good spirits and a positive attitude towards the upcoming year. It is that time of the year when one generally reflects back on the past year, make notes of where you went wrong, what you did right and what you achieved... taking all this and formulating a solid plan for the New Year that will result in a better year than 2015; with goals, dreams and aspirations written down and ready to be implemented 1 Jan 2016!


Personally, I have not sat down and written my own yet, but more and more while quietly watching the sun set, I go back in memory and look at what 2015 had in store for me, and I must say it seems to me I was on a constant roller coaster ride!


I had my up's and down's and believe me the peaks and troughs in my year was either "very high or very low".


So, I recently went back to what is called "The Little Box of Miracles"... it contains short messages/affirmations that are both inspirational and important at the time one draws a card - I drew two cards that made my "sun set reflection" time take on a new meaning - here is what I drew:


"I forgive my past and now replace it with success"


Wow... that made me think of past mistakes I made both personally and in business, where I kept going back and "kicking" myself for making that mistake! So I made a pact with myself that I would forgive those mistakes, not harp on them but rather use them in a positive way... knowing that nobody is perfect, I also now allow myself to accept when I do make a mistake, but the main focus is to do my best and not let little errors affect my clarity of thinking and my positive attitude.


Second card:


"My life's plan is now moving quickly towards sure and perfect fulfilment"


Another Wow!


I started imagining that... dreaming about it, and planning for it. How happy/content and good it would be as I get closer to my life's perfect fulfilment - it will be amazing once I reach that stage. The pictures in my mind of my future suddenly became positive, bright and simply inspirational... I could actually "feel" it as the "excitement shivers" passed over me. What an amazing feeling it is every time I say this affirmation to myself; whilst believing it!


So what has this got to do with you?


I do not know, but perhaps make these two affirmations yours from now on and take out of it what you want... it will do you the world of good J


Besides that, it also reflects on business as I firmly believe that my life's plan also includes my business and thus affecting you positively as well.


So simply believe it and experience the amazing feeling it brings you!


Anyway, enough of myself, so how did the year go in terms of business?





Our investments - some are simply not performing yet and others are looking better as each week goes by; but still a waiting game.


Worldwide financial strain remains unchanged, and this affects many market segments. This is clear to see when taking a basket of currencies and comparing what is happening to their value. Speaking to a Forex Trader the other day, he said that this market remains volatile and very risky. Difficult to make and sustain profits, as mistakes take ages to return into green figures.


Stock markets are the same. They fluctuate at high margins and this is not only seen in small companies; even big corporations are affected.


Unfortunately all this has affected many of our members in their personal lives, and that includes me and our management team.


Wez shares... this is their latest news article:


JSE-listed platinum mine developer Wesizwe continues to make significant progression at its Bakubung platinum mine which is now on track to commission its main vertical shaft in 2017.

The shaft sinking programme at the mine, located on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex, has reached the latest significant milestone with the last vertical blasts on the main shaft reaching a depth of 825 m and the ventilation shaft reaching a depth of 815 m.

This latest milestone is the start of the next important phase on the project of shaft equipping and commissioning of the mine asset, with 2016 seeing increased activity as the last phase of surface infrastructure is installed.

This will include the construction of the control rooms and administration offices, and preparations will also commence for the construction of the process plant.

Commenting on this latest milestone, Bakubung platinum mine general manager Eddie Mohlabi says: “This means that we will be moving into the next phase of the project focusing on the main shaft. We will be stripping the shaft of all the temporary steelwork that was used for sinking, and equipping the shaft with permanent steelwork.”

“This will allow the process to commence towards commissioning, which for the main shaft will be in the second quarter of 2017. On the ventilation shaft, work will now commence on completing the shaft infrastructure, meaning that we can now proceed full steam towards development. In the new year, we will commence the development of the processes for rock handling.”

“We are getting there even though there are some challenges which can be managed to ensure we remain on schedule in terms of the development. All the previous milestones have been related to sinking, whereas this new one marks the beginning of our working towards getting to work on the ore body itself,” he concludes."

Currently trading at around ZAR R0.48 a share, it remains pretty low but the article above does give us some hope of this increasing in increments as the mine achieves and progresses.


Our aim is to keep with the current game plan for now... when we do get a release on an investment, we will re-invest part of that in safer markets (albeit low risk/lower returns) and use the other funds to actually start paying out members either partially of in full.


Not something you want to hear, but I am afraid at this moment in time no withdrawals can be activated yet.





A tough year all round and I believe from some members that they have experienced the same are in the same position.


So, let's all focus on the "here and now" and take all that happened this year in a positive light... if you cannot believe and trust things are going to get better, then it is time to move out of that space - for me and our team, we are doing exactly that!


A short list of my aims for 2016:


- Focus

- Plan

- Work hard and smart

- Save

- Exercise

- Spend time on your hobbies

- Read and learn new skills

- Appreciate and give thanks for what you have

- Follow your passion

- Take some personal time for reflection

- Keep your chin up


... and never forget to dream big even when facing hard times - it is part of the Law of Attraction:


"You become what you think about"!


Ticking goals off your list, however small is a way to inspire and motivate yourself & is always a good feeling.


Until next time, I will leave you with an inspirational message:


"I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." – Michael Jordan


Never ever give up!!!


Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and the best New Year you can ever imagine!


Kind Regards